Data Protection

Why do you need it?

Regulatory compliance, the threat posed by active APT’s and the looming threat of fines for Data Breaches has put much focus on the protection of Data worldwide. In South Africa we are finally approaching the live implementation of POPIA as companies have until June 2021 to become compliant. There is no 100% compliance to POPI, and as with any data protection journey it’s a continuous process, however you must be able to prove Due diligence when it comes to protecting customer data. The big question for many businesses is where to begin.

What We Do

You cannot protect the unknown. This makes visibility an extremely important step in Data protection. Cyberlinx is driven to ensure Data protection by supplying the skill, staff and knowledge needed to reach the next level of data compliance. “What” your data is used for, “Who” is using your data and “Where” are they sending your data. Cyberlinx provides the following services:

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Data Mapping

Data Flow

Hacker data system hacking

Data Loss Protection

Gap Analysis

These elements of visibility are then mapped back to business to identify critical data. Once
critical data has been identified we assist in securing data with our handpicked partners and Toolsets.

Our Outcomes

Cyberlinx empowers their clients with the confidence to act in securing their data by providing essential information as guidance.

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Why Cyberlinx

Our team of Data Security Specialists comply with frameworks such as CIS and NIST to ensure that the work we do is recognized and guided by worldwide accepted standards.

“Putting data protection at the centre of digital businesses strategies is the key to improving trust and digital growth.” — Steve Woods