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Today there is enormous pressure to secure your environment whether you are on-prem, cloud-based or both, but the number of tools to do so is ever increasing and finances require you to amalgamate technologies to meet your security and business needs. Cyberlinx wants to walk this journey with you by bringing our knowledge and expertise.

What we do?

Not only have we put our strategic partners in the pressure pot to evaluate and test each other in real-world scenarios, we drive integration and strategy so you get the most out of your existing technology. Types of services:

  • Professional Services – Technology Implementations, Technical Project Management
  • Security Technology Reviews
  • Security Architecture reviews
  • Consulting Services
    • NIST based security gap analysis
    • Organization-wide CIS benchmarking
    • Security roadmaps
  • Data Protection Consulting
  • Cloud Consulting

Our Outcomes

Cyberlinx can provide evaluation reports that highlight real world effectiveness of products, the best implementations methods and the best practice configurations as identified through thorough testing.

Why Cyberlinx?

Besides our team having over 80 years combined Security consulting knowledge, we do in-depth evaluations to confirm findings from Gartner Peer review and NSS labs to find the best ways to implement, configure and integrate technologies. Cyberlinx provides you with peace of mind when choosing technologies and will remain your trusted security advisor throughout.

“True Cyber Security is preparing for what’s next, not what was last.”

— Neil Reup

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