Cyberlinx Security is a QSE B-BBEE Level 1 Cybersecurity company in South Africa. Cyberlinx consists of a phenomenal and well-connected team that has vast experience and top-tier skills across a broad range of cyber security disciplines and technologies.

The Cyberlinx culture is focused around delivering great outcomes for our customers, staff and partners at every opportunity. We embrace diversity at all levels, out-of-the box thinking, yet we understand that great outcomes come only as a result of serious teamwork, dedication and discipline. Our focus is on delivering great services. We align with vendors who can fit with our strategy and that can add value to our customers.

The CYBERLINX recipe is simple:

  • Smart, dedicated, creative and diverse PEOPLE.
  • Efficient, well thought out, structured, seamless PROCESSES.
  • We create great outcomes using the best TECHNOLOGY from vendors who think like we do.

Operating across all industry verticals, the Cyberlinx team brings a passion for excellence, a will to make things happen, the drive to integrate and the humility to acknowledge that even the best things can be improved. Our goal is to create great outcomes in all our engagements. This is achieved through the use of excellent account management, great technical skills and dedicated project management.

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