Is your company's information safe from hackers?

Cyber security is an important facet within an organization’s IT environment. The objective of a penetration test is a pro-active approach to validate and test security controls in a manner that resembles a cyberattack, allowing you to understand vulnerable areas within your environment.

By performing regular penetration testing the following pain points can be addressed:


There are many facets to penetration testing, and this list could go on and on, however Cyberlinx has narrowed it down to seven categories:


  • Internal penetration testing
  • External penetration testing
  • Web Application penetration testing
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Phishing Simulations
  • Simulated Targeted Attack and Response Assessments
  • Mobile Pentesting

Operating across all industry verticals, the team brings a passion for excellence, a will to make things happen, the drive to integrate, and the humility to acknowledge that even the best things can be improved. Our goal is to create great outcomes in all our engagements.

Our Outcomes

Historically penetration test reports have been lengthy, full of jargon, and impractical to implement. Cyberlinx strives to rectify this by providing concise and practical reports that contain not only a summary of a problem but a detailed and practical approach on how to rectify the problem.

Why Cyberlinx?

Our team of penetration testers follow a methodology driven approach in our assessments, but at the same time apply a level of creativity to achieve specific goals. Our team keeps up to date with the latest techniques, tactics, and procedures as well as keeping abreast of the latest exploit kits in the wild as opposed to using outdated tools and techniques.

“If you’re not doing scans and penetration tests, then just know that someone else is. And they don’t work for you”

— George Grachis

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