At some point in the lifetime of every company, if not several times, there will come a moment when it is faced with a cybercrime incident. The effects can be devastating and so CISO’s and CIO’s are tasked with arming themselves with every possible tool to prevent a breach. But the most effective and yet undervalued weapon has to be the human firewall. Each day the organization faces the risk of users clicking on malicious links, downloading infected attachments or leaking client information. At Cyberlinx, we come alongside organisations to mitigate that risk through user awareness training that truly drives behavioural change. In order to do that, a comprehensive training approach needs to be developed taking training modules, social engineering simulations and dynamic engagements into account.

How we drive change

Cyberlinx provides a number of security awareness solutions to the human error problem, including:

Dynamic Engagements

We believe that personal engagements with end users help them to see the relevance and importance of security awareness training. One method of doing this is through talks and workshops. These sessions can include topics such as Social Media, Cyber-bullying, Digital influence on the next generation, Password Protection and Social Engineering such as phishing, smishing, etc. These can be tailored to specific departments or offered company wide.

We can also engage with your users through awareness days making use of games, competitions and activities to drive them to their training.


Video content is the way of the world now and the best tool for grabbing and keeping a user’s attention. We have partnered with a strategic vendor to provide top quality video training modules. Participation can be tracked and reported and reminders sent out from the training system to encourage users to complete their modules.

Social Engineering Simulations

Phishing, Vishing and USB drop simulations allow you to test how effective your training is. Are your users learning how to spot a legitimate email from a malicious attack? What kind of phishing attacks are they falling for?

Program management

Many corporates see the need for a security awareness training campaign – but they simply do not have the resources to dedicate attention to it. Our team of experienced campaign managers can come alongside you to help build and run a campaign that changes user behaviour to create that human firewall.

Virtual Games

Cyber Savvy vGaming Events

Gamified security awareness training is a fun, innovative, science-based approach to behaviour change and real-time learning and application. Engage and motivate users and bridge the gaps between physical security and cyber security. Being in a virtual world we have adapted our games to the online experience. Fully branded and customised for maximum impact, our Cyber Angels and partners will work with you to create an impactful vgaming experience.

Cyber Savvy Options:

Cyber Conundroom

Think Escape room concept, with Cyber Savvy theme, live online…… this is Cyber Conundroom, not only is this great for driving home Cyber Awareness, but it is a great team building exercise.

The Amazing Cyber Chase

This is an exciting fast-paced remote activity that requires employees to complete challenges from around the Cyber World.

Virtual Conferences

Cyber Savvy Sesh

Wondering what this is…. it’s your very own virtual Cyber Savvy Conference, fully customised and tailormade for your experience.Our Angels will work alongside you with our partners to create your own virtual conference, this can be as big or as small as you need to really drive that Cyber Savvy message home.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and a few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it”

– Stephane Nappo

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