Why do you need it?

Data is not useful unless it can be used, manipulated, and moved at great speeds across traditional corporate networks, in and out of the cloud, across mobile networks from each device to every cloud or host. In South-Africa POPIA is now fully implemented and thus compliance with the Act is mandatory for all companies. Each mobile or fixed device and each corporate or cloud host or container presents a threat vector to bad actors. Network Security has never been more complex or important. To protect the modern device-to-cloud (or hybrid cloud) connection you require properly configured firewalls, Intrusion Prevention, Network DLP tools and Network Security Gateways that scan across all channels to ensure that your business risks and data protection objectives are addressed. Know how and where your data flows. Network Security and visibility is key to protecting all data.

What we do?

You cannot protect the unknown. This makes visibility a crucial step in network security and subsequently in data protection. Cyberlinx is driven to ensure network security by supplying the expertise, staff and knowledge needed to reach the next level of network security compliance in a modern network, embracing the principle of secure efficient workflows:

  • “Who connects to the network and how are they connecting?”
  • “Are they authorised?”
  • “Is their connection secure?”
  • “How are they accessing data?”
  • “Where can they send it to?”
  • “Are they authorised to send it there?”
  • “Is the data safe in transit?”

Our Outcomes

As long as we can positively answer the questions above, using good tools, monitoring, reporting and processes, and you can efficiently manipulate, move and analyse your data to achieve your business objectives, you will have a winning formula. We assist you in achieving this through the following:

  • Integration of Network Security tools into other Security Platforms
  • Network Security Traffic/Anomaly Reports
  • Gap Analysis Recommendation Reports
  • Insights and Frameworks
  • Roadmaps

Why Cyberlinx?

Our team of Network Security Specialists comply with frameworks such as CIS and NIST to ensure that the work we do is recognized and guided by worldwide accepted standards.

“The hacker didn’t succeed through sophistication. Rather he poked at obvious places, trying to enter through unlocked doors. Persistence, not wizardry, let them through”

— Clifford Stoll

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