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The Central Theme to follow for Data Security Compliance

Data Security Compliance has never been more relevant and important for organisations worldwide. With the growing number of Data Security Compliance Frameworks to adhere to, it is fast becoming a burden for many organisations to know exactly where and how to start their journey to becoming compliant with the various Frameworks in place. There is however a solution to ease this burden. All Data Security Compliance Frameworks, such as GDPR, POPIA, and the various ISO Standards operate under a central theme called CIA – Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

CIA is the concept and execution of assuring an organisation’s data is Confidential, maintains its Integrity, and is Available. In order to measure an organisation’s data security endeavours, it is necessary to have a measuring stick. CIA is your organisation’s data security measuring stick. Let’s look at each CIA Principle in more detail below.

By: Lee Crous

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