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Discord was originally created for gamers (age 13 and up) as a method for them to chat while they are involved in a Co-op game. The app is free and allows for voice, video and text communication between gamers either between individuals or in groups of up to 10 players. They can either join a chat that they have been invited to or they can create private “Servers” and invite their friends to play and discuss games.

What are servers?

Servers are essentially communities that have gathered to focus on a specific game or topic. Communication on Servers can either be by text or over voice channels. There are 2 kinds of Servers; public which allows anyone to join the conversation or private which requires an invitation to join. Any Discord user is able to create a Server.

Steps to a safe server

  • Set up 2- factor authentication. This is a good practice in many areas of our digital lives and Discord is no exception.
  • Set up restrictive roles. Roles provide a set of permissions that determine what users are able to do. These options can be found under Server Settings >Roles
  • Set up verification levels. This limits who is able to send messages in the Server and a higher verification level means a higher level of safety. This option can be found under the Server Settings.
  • There is certain content on Discord which is not suitable for younger or Sensitive viewers. The slang term “NSFW” is applied here. To protect users from this content, turn on the “Explicit Content Filter”. This can be found under Privacy and Safety> Keep me Safe. However, this filter does not always work perfectly.

Tips for securing your account

  • Create a long, strong secure password.
  • Use Two- Factor Authentication (2FA). Apps such as google authenticator or authy are very helpful. You can enable 2FA on your accounts in the User settings.
  • Set your privacy and safety settings to better protect yourself. This can be found under User Settings> Privacy and Safety.
  • Block Direct Messages from users not on your friends list by toggling “allow direct messages from server members”. This setting can be found under your Privacy Settings.
  • A good idea would be to enable the Friends of Friends options. If you don’t want any requests at all, you can deselect all options.


As with any social media platform, the best course of action to ensure your safety or that of your child, is to only accept friend requests and participate in private servers with people you already know. Online stranger danger is a real thing and there have been cases where predators have targeted children after starting a friendship with them through public servers. It’s vital to secure underage accounts as much as possible and make sure children understand the dangers.

Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.

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